About Us

When artists want to share their stories about how a song, album or project came together, they turn to the leading platform in the Reggae genre, L3 Magazine.

Founded in 2006 by Natasha Von Castle, L3 Magazine has been telling the stories about artists and the people who make up the Reggae industry for more than 15 years.  These are the stories of disc-jocks, selectors, artists, managers, visual creators, stylists influencers and designers.

Based in Toronto, Canada, L3 Magazine works with journalists from around the world who are in-step with the pulse of creatives that fans want to hear from.  These partnerships make L3 Magazine one of the most reliable and trusted platforms in Reggae.  Its digital presence has become international and has contributed to the marketing plans of several notable artists who were unknown and now international stars.  Our social media sites keep the pulse of artists mature and young who make up our dynamic industry.

We provide engaging interviews and content that will make you want to stream the music, and consume the visuals of the artists we present, and the creative teams of the artists who make their dreams a reality.


Natasha Von Castle:  Editor-in-Chief

Jennifer Menster:  Music Editor

Director A&R
Camille ‘Talent Promo Cam’ Findley

Evelin Germain
UK Editor

Director Marketing
Paphil Williams

Chart Analytic
Emelio ‘Melio Sounds’ Lynch

Keisha Bernard
Jamaica – Caribbean Affairs



L3 Media Group Inc:  Publisher

L3 Media Group Inc is a media based service company that shares industry related information.  Our focus is on creating and distributing journalistic pieces that are authoritative and engaging to those interested in Reggae and her sub-genres including Dancehall, Lover’s Rock, Rap and Hip-Hop.  Our content is consumed by fans and media outlets around the world.

L3 Media Group Inc comprises of businesses across a range of media platforms including radio, publicity and marketing services.