Tony Curtis's New Single "Make Sweet Love" Returns to Tradition

Reggae star Tony Curtis prepares to release his newest single “Make Sweet Love” which returns listeners to the tradition of hearing romance in music.  The song appeals to a mature demographic whom the artist hopes will help reintroduce conversations about love to the younger generation.

Collaborating with Soul Survival Recordz in Canada, producer of the track, “Make Sweet Love” is a song about affection.  It is also about a man expressing his desires for his lady.  “When I wrote this song, I had my lady in mind.  Overall, we need to bring more love back to the music” Curtis said.

Tony Curtis’s track record with songs abut romance date back to an era when men had to approach a woman with chivalry.  Songs like “Missing You,” “Sweet Lady” and “Lady in Red” exemplified that.  Curtis, whose career began in 1991, opted to sing popular R&B songs which placed him in the category of romance.  Years later, that category has kept him at the fore.

Making its debut at Weddy Weddy hosted by The World Immortal Stone Love Sound, “Make Sweet Love” was well received by fans who asked that the song be pulled up multiple times.”  Roxy, a patron at Weddy Weddy complimented the artist saying, “ah long time we need to hear chunes like these.”  Curtis echoed the opinion saying, “men need to express their desires for women.”

Traditionally, Lovers Rock and music about love resonate most with fans in the UK and in Canada.  Curtis is focused on making “an impact in those markets and then going beyond to other countries.”

Tony Curtis is currently working on a studio album which should be available at the end of the year.

Song preview coming soon!