J Matik Invites Toronto-Based Celebrities to Celebrate His Birthday Live on Juggle Ugly.

Toronto-based Dancehall frontrunner J Matik is celebrating his birthday with the help of Canadian-based celebrities.  The occasion will be held in Mississauga and aired on Juggle Ugly on Monday March 28th at 8pm EST.

Local celebrities Kid Fareigna, Ras Penco, DJ Bigga Boss, and Gyal Ediot from Calgary and more, as well as top juggling Sound Systems Journey Sound, Blaxz Dun Da Place, Soul Survival Sound and King Klepto Sound will be on hand to honor the earthstrong of J Matik as well as celebrate the launch of his EP Amorous, and compilation album Torment Dimension Riddim.

The 5-track project is an audio-story that intertwines the beginning of a Dancehall romance (“Perfect Storm”), continuing with rawness the genre is known for (“Ryde”) and concluding with a description of the artists love interest (“Island Breeze.”)

Top selector Polly Famous from King Klepto created the Juggle Ugly platform as a means to promote new and established talent.  The MC said “Juggle Ugly will be pure vibes with solid performances from the artists.  We really look forward to seeing and hearing J Matik.”

J Matik’s EP departs from the regularly heard themes of badmind, overcoming struggles and violence (those themes will be explored in the artist’s second project); instead, Matik shares some of the emotions that men feel when they meet ‘the one.’  The artist’s bold-share of his heart in song has made his music appealing to selectors in his home town who feel his project dropped at the right time.

The lead single, “Island Breeze” includes a conversational intro before the sweet lyrical ode from a man to a woman who has caught his attention and become the focus of his desires.  “Putting the ‘speechless’ conversation at the beginning of the song was important.  Some men don’t know what to say so the music does the talking” J Matik said.

Released on the artists label Matik World Musiq, Amorous includes production from Audio Butter.  Amorous follows the release of “Pass Di Highgrade” released last year by Soul Survival Recordz.

About J Matik:

J Matik is a recording artist, songwriter and producer based in Toronto, Canada.  Well known for his rapid-fire lyrics heard in Dancehall environments worldwide, Matik is a burgeoning talent who says “I was born in Toronto and my parents are from Jamaica.  I find inspiration from life experiences and I have inherited this special musical energy which comes in part from my Father who is also a musician.”

Stream Amorous on all digital platforms:  https://distrokid.com/hyperfollow/jmatik/amorous