Everything in Order with OuttaVawda

Outtavawda’s (pronounced out-of-order) artistry is best heard when he puts lyrics to music, delivering songs that put a subject matter at hand ‘in order.’

Born in Spanish Town Jamaica, Outtavawda’s music challenges social-norms and encourages listeners to think widely about going along with the status-quo.  One such song, “Self Confinement,” holds a message of consciousness and a request that mankind ‘fear God and not covid.’  Produced by Soul Survival Recordz, the official release date of the song is April 1st, 2022.

Speaking from the studio in Toronto, Outtavawda explained “the truth about how we govern ourselves during a pandemic should come from within, not from people outside of us.  We need to fear God and not covid.”

Outtavawda began writing songs at the age of 15, always with an emphasis on putting thoughts that are ‘out-or-order,’ in order.  His moniker was given to him in Jamaica.  The artist explains “In Jamaica when you are disobedient, people would say how dah bwoy deh suh out of order.”  When he got older, Outtavawda wanted a name that represents himself and his culture; his first performing name was One Dance and from that came Outtavawda meaning ‘made out of order and out of the ordinary.  This name was “inspired by God” the artist says.

About Outtavawda:

Outtavawda currently lives in Toronto, Canada.  His first professional recording was released in 2006 (“Bird Flu”) featuring Sample King.  Outaavawda’s music video’s have been aired on MuchMusic (in Canada) and Hype TV in Jamaica.  He has released 4 mixtapes, as Outtavawda Productions, and 2 singles Alpha Omega and Shooting Stars which are produced by Young Beats Int. Out of Japan.

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