“Lick” Talent and Song Don’t Match

The talent of Dancehall starlet Shenseea and the song she recently released called “Lick” don’t match.  Fans of the popular artist, up-until-now, have had every reason to champion her position within the Dancehall genre; she has released several 5-Million plus streaming songs including “Blessed” featuring Tyga, “Trending Gyal” and “Limited Edition” to name a few.  She appeared on ‘Donda,’ the GRAMMY nominated album by Kanye West, was highlighted at Cardi B’s birthday party in New York and gave a memorable performance at Rolling Loud.  These, combined with the fire freestyle she released via Funk Flex at Hot 97’s studio in New York gave all of her fans, fat to chew and we loved it.


“Lick” was a highly touted and much anticipated song amped with the Rap star prowess of Megan Thee Stallion.  The only mis-step in this otherwise successful formula is that the song is vulgar, crude and a low-grade imitation of “WAP,” the song by Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion and a ‘miss’ on the sonar-radar of Dancehall lovers and Rap lovers.


A comment from Kearstin Ivory said “If the goal is to become mainstream Shenseea needs to come a lot harder because at this point, everything she does is a first impression for most people. If I didn’t already know how talented she is and this were my introduction to her, I’d never give her music a second thought.”


Another comment from Mrs Jae said “Shenseea is capable of such much more! She was suppose to shine through lyrically on the song with another female artist. She seems to be the feature and not the main artist on this song. Megan dominated as she always does.”


On a positive note for Shenseea, she is attracting support from the LBGTQ community with this comment from LaLa T “Came here from Pandora. Megan ATE, Sheenesa melody caught my ear, then the lyrics. This video is strictly from the female gaze. IM HERE FOR ALL OF IT. 🖤🖤🖤.”


Jamaica and her Diaspora are ablaze with comments (social media), discussions (especially on the talk-app Clubhouse), as well as barbershops and hair salons, but, the Dancehall community and Sheng Yeng’s will wait for the release of Shenseea’s first album, ‘Alpha’ before they burn the house down.  Hopefully we see and hear more of what she served on her freestyles and her hit records like “Bad Alone” and “Sidechick Song.”