Busy Signal Begins 2022 with “Tropics”

Seven days is how long we had to wait to get our first music release from Reggae and Dancehall star Busy Signal.  The music creator rings in the new year with the creeper “Tropics.”  What is most impressive about the new release is the artists pairing of international sounds with the universal theme of betterment.


Sonically, we bet you never thought you would hear a Chinese Guzheng opposite the sounds of marching band ‘big brass’ balanced by the audio signature of Busy Signal’s Gorilla ‘whoa’ but here we have all elements combined in the song “Tropics.”  Produced by P Skinna and Liondub International, the Dancehall and Reggae comfort zone that the genre’s listeners are used to hearing are being stretched.  

Forgoing the standard Dancehall tone, Busy and team opt for an international melodic theme.  What’s more, Busy’s delivery makes this release an easy placement in foreign sets; DJs who select Rod Wave (“By Your Side”), Post Malone (“Motley Crew”), and Lil Durk (“Broadway Girls”) will easily find room for this complimentary track.

Busy, P Skinna and Liondub previously released “Happiness” in August, 2021.  

Listen to “Tropics” on YouTube:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NQRNwlkBoUw