You Broke Up With Us Minister Marion Hall

By:  Jennifer Menster

Minister Marion Hall (formerly Lady Saw) has released her newest single “If I Was Famous,” and with the release comes a pensive look at the reaction and support – or lack thereof – fans have given her since she stepped away from the Dancehall limelight and into her walk of faith with God.  The single is a self-produced track that paints a stark contrast between her present life as an ordained minister and her past career as a Dancehall artiste.


Understandably, most artists, especially those who achieve star status such as Lady Saw, view their career from a fine angle – their purview is inward.  Their assessment is correct 50% of the time.  The other 50% of the equation that artists do not factor in is the relationship they develop with fans.  The transition from ‘me-to-we’ happens when the artists music is released for fans to enjoy – worse when the artist has been feeding fans musical flames for years.  Music is not a one-way street.  


Recently, Marion shared “What inspired me to pen this track is the way I’m being treated now that I’m with Christ, compared to when I was ‘famous.’  People used to be all over me, they’d pay a whole lot of money to see me, give me gifts and all these things. However, when I chose Jesus, everything has changed and some of the same people who supported me in the past have turned on me now. That’s why I wrote the song.”  

Understanding Marion’s feelings (which are correct) of disappointment represents one side of the equation.  On the other side, are fans feelings i.e., the other partner in the musical relationship and they are correct too.


From the fan purview, Lady Saw, whom we have been in a musical relationship with since 1987, walked away from us in 2016 with minimal warning.  We were served divorce papers that we did not ask for and are being forced to accept a new partner though we are still in love with the previous.  What is a fan to do especially when Marion thinks the treatment is coming because of her walk with Christ as opposed to her walking away from fans?


To further the heartache of this breakup, Marion thinks fans are rejecting her because of her faith but that is not the case.  Fans don’t like the fact that she changed, and they have not changed with her.  They are left holding a bag filled with love and adoration for a catalog of anthemic songs created by a woman who played supremely in a male dominated field.  What’s worse is the music she will never record in the future as brand Lady Saw, and fans will never see her perform her iconic catalog again.  Marlon, a day one fan of Lady Saw said “she made us love her, then suddenly walked away never to be heard from again.”  We appreciate what Minister Hall is trying to offer, but we didn’t ask for it.  Hall has kidnapped Saw with no chance for fans to pay a ransom to get her back.


“If I Was Famous” is a lyrically accurate description of the angst Lady Saw fans feel towards Marion Hall.  You don’t get over a one-sided breakup quickly or easily.  Lady Saw fans will mourn the loss of the iconic diva who ruled as Queen of the Dancehall until she walked away from her crown.