Konshens Album Red Reign Still Reigns

Two and a half months after the release of Konshens album Red Reign (released Nov. 12, 2021) we are still enjoying the musical treats the star gave fans on his fifth album project.


In speaking to Hollywood Life, the Dancehall star originally described the 18-track disc as him ‘flipping the switch on his artistic complacency.’  He further explained that the pandemic ‘woke him up’ and out of his complacency.  

Konshens is the ultimate statesman who has been sent on a mission to represent Dancehall in varying spheres; he did so in such a way that all lovers of music can respond with the ultimate compliment – repeat streams.

Track one hears a Dancehall-kissed Spanish tinged track, “Season 4 (Intro)” with insight to the doubts the artist felt about making music, the overcoming of those doubts and his return to the booth. Track two featuring Stefflon Don features the lyrical exchange between two powerhouses who compliment each other using Dancehall terminology.

Track three features a hardcore dancehall beat designed to make fans move, push up their chest and allow fans to take pride in the bad-man-ism that got Konshens to where he is today.  Track four is a pop infused ode to the powerful effect love has on the artist’s outlook.

Afrobeat star Davido joins the album on track five with “Boom Bang.”  This refreshing collaboration does not sound like an Afrobeat song because it isn’t.  It is a collaboration between two greats who describe a great woman.  Adding musical depth is Ricky Blaze and his use of synthesized version of the talking drum.  The esteemed producer creates element we didn’t know we wanted until we heard this track.

“It’s Cold” featuring Dre Island tells the tales of people who have received cold treatment from others with the caveat that we should never judge a person based on how they look and where we meet them in life.  Track seven hears the bravado of a man who is so in love with a woman that he wants to “Pay For It.”  Spice represents the modern woman who has her own assets but wants to feel appreciated by her male counterpart.

“Purple Touch” is hardcore Dancehall for the ladies, and we love it – definitely our favourite track!  The lyrical word play is as hard and tuff like the beat.  Continuing in the ‘f&ck’ zone are songs “It’s Sexy,” “Take a Shot” “No Style” featuring Kemar Highcon, “Less Is More” and “Eye Contact.”

Taking us back to reality is “Just Life” with Jesse Royal.  The reality of human behaviour is in full view with this song.  “She Got it” featuring Rafa Pabon needs to be at every Fashion Week beginning with New York.  

Reggae purists will appreciate “Cold Hearted Girl” because of the familiarity of the riddim while “Can’t Stay Sober” explains the pressures that move through Konshens conscious.

If you haven’t streamed ‘Red Reign’ on repeat (yet), do it here: