Busy Signal Delivers a Message for The Festive Season

Reggae and Dancehall star Busy Signal has a special delivery for the holiday season. Instead of gifts, the artist delivers a message to express the ongoing sentiments of the people of Jamaica through his new release “Face Long Dung.”

Using this joyous and attentive time of year, Busy lyrically expresses the paradox between Jamaica and the world where other countries are open for business, but Jamaica is not. The artist sings “foreign still ah keep but yard lock dung.” Recognizing that the Christmas season is a key time that drives the Jamaican economy, the artist chose “Joy To The World” for a sonic backdrop.

Speaking from the roadside while supporting market sellers, Busy said “how can people be merry right now when this will be the second Christmas season that we are facing hardship? Locking down our economy is not the solution – we have to be open for business; money has to flow.”

“Face Long Dung” is the second song of protest voiced by Busy and produced by Gorilla Music Source (GSM). “Fed Up and Tired” was released earlier this year expressing the angst the pandemic has caused people around the world. About this trend Busy remarked “we will keep highlighting what needs to be fixed for the people.”

YouTube user and Busy Signal fan Matic Vass expressed his sentiments about the song on the popular platform saying “The infusion of social problems, bad politicians and economic hardship in this song did it for me: busy done it again.” “Face Long Dung” was premiered on radio worldwide on the day of release.

About Busy Signal:

A master lyricist and bold innovator, Busy Signal is one of dancehall music’s definitive voices. Across a rich and varied career, the artist born Reanno Gordon has carved a unique lane within Jamaica’s dense musical sphere, blending dancehall and reggae with hip-hop, EDM, afrobeats, soca, salsa and other sounds to create bashment anthems and transcendent global hits.

Busy released several independent singles through his record label Gorilla Music Source. He has collaborated with notable artists Sean Paul on the song “Boom” from Sean’s album Live n Livin’, nominated for the GRAMMY Award for Best Reggae Album (2022). He also collaborated with Major Lazer on the song “Sun Comes Up” on the GRAMMY nominated album Music is The Weapon Reloaded (2022).

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