The Redemption Project is slated for release on October 22nd and with it comes several one-drop songs that serve as encouragement, reminders and support for those looking to the lyrics from a song for guidance through these turbulent times.

The instant grat from this project is Kananga’s “Stronger” made available with the projects’ pre-order.  Reflecting on days of lack, Kananga lyrically paints a before-and-after picture of not having enough to sharing what he has with those in need.  The song emphasizes the strength that comes from experiences such as these.

The project begins with Gott-Yo’s “Worship & Praise,” continues with Busy Signals “Never Get Tired,” levels with Kananga’s “Stronger” and ends with a “Warning” from Guidance.  Additional artists on the riddim are Lutan Fyah, Don G, Turbulence, Queen Ifrica, Nature Ellis, Natural Black and Tony Curtis.

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