L3 Magazine Music Analyst Mareen Alexander is feeling the musical vibes of Cruz Rock.

The smooth ‘fine wine’ vocal approach has earned the artist a steady presence as singer, songwriter and producer.  His new single “Like This” featuring LV The Artist is an example of his vocal swagger in action.  His collaboration with Beenie Man on the song “Be Mine” put him on the radar of fans who enjoy the Spanish / Dancehall flavor.

Born to parents from Trinidad and Tobago and Puerto Rico in St. Croix, Cruz is surrounded by Caribbean culture.  This mix, like a perfectly mixed margarita, can be heard in his music.

He was exposed to music at a young age with his father being a member of a local salsa band while his mother was constantly singing him the gospel. But it was Cruz Rock’s brother’s unconditional love for reggae that caused Cruz to start the journey that he remains on today.

We asked Cruz how his journey in Reggae began.  He said “my brother began listening to reggae music in the early 90’s and introduced me at an early age; being that I looked up to him, I drew closer to reggae music. I listened to Bob Marley, Shabba Ranks, Sizzla, Red Rat, Buju Banton and so many more legends in the Reggae industry.”

2022 and beyond promises to hit all the right notes for Cruz Rock.  We will stay connected to his YouTube and IG channels and report back on the music he delivers.