Jada Kingdom’s Reggae Single “Jungle” a Reflection of Life

By:  Jennifer Menster


Dancehall star Jada Kingdom has released her new single “Jungle” which is a reflection of life for some.  The powerful chune paired with a roots Reggae soundtrack and thought-provoking lyrics depict the environment that some are experiencing.


Temporarily departing from the feel-good party music she is known for, Jada sings about the fear residents have of the police, the predatory mindset of some members of the church, and the struggles of youths who are desperate for food yet cannot earn an income to provide for themselves.  She sings “careful how yuh move when you walk outta street / man dem ova yasso have more guns than police….”

Video director Effy Kawira’s propulsive passion for storytelling makes Jada’s lyrics come to life on screen.  Effy’s focus on being a voice for the voiceless and those not heard made her an excellent choice to direct “Jungle.”  Her visual direction has mesmerized the viewer – the ultimate partnership between the song as a whole and bringing the song to life so fans can relate to the story being told.


The music video features Jada’s little brother whom she is seen protecting while running to safety.  About the song Jada says “it is based on true events.”


Jada teased the song prior to release on her IG page which drew reaction from Spice, Queen of Dancehall, Reggae star Iba Mahr, and many fans who gave the song fire emoji’s and comments by Lemmy who said “I love your voice” and Thick DeeJay who said “your voice is impeccable.”


“Jungle” was written by Jada Kingdom and Verse Simmonds and produced by @sakpase365 @djkhalil @nascentbeats.. The song was Engineered by @stu_in_the_studio; recorded and produced by Chalice Recording Studio.

Watch the music video for “Jungle” Here: